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The Makerhouse is a makerspace that offers the tools and space for people to to turn their ideas a reality. Whether you’re a weekend DIYer, an engineer who wants to prototype a product, or someone who has never held a hammer before, the Makerhouse has the space, tools, and experience for you. We offer workshops and memberships. 

The idea is simple - Makerhouse provides a space for people who have never held a tool before to come in, try something new, learn a little bit, and go home with something they made themselves, while having a blast doing it. 


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Want to try your hand at something new? Curious about how to use a table saw? Experience the gratification of making something with your own hands. We offer workshops on everything from cheeseboards to coffee tables to upholstery.


Sign up for a monthly membership to get access to the Makerhouse to work on your own projects. Our space, your project.

Custom WOrk

Whether you need a new conference table or want to prototype a new product we can help build what you need to put your best foot forward.