We're not Just woodshop.

Philly Makerhouse is a makerspace (but really just a woodshop) for anyone that wants to learn basic woodworking skills and meet fellow wood aficionados. It's also a creative space where you can get your hands dirty and just build cool stuff. 

Our goal is to provide fun classes where people can put their phones down, relax, learn a new skill, and go home with something they made themselves. Our classes are designed for people who have no prior experience working with wood or with power tools. 

Whether you're a lumber novice, a wood aficionado, or don't care about wood but you're a try-everything-once-person, we want to be your go-to spot. We offer hands-on classes and shop memberships.

About Makerspaces

"Makerspace" has lots of definitions but the one we like to use is  "a place where people come together to learn, make, and laugh together while making, creating, or innovating." 

We do a lot of stuff with wood, but we also play around with acrylics, non ferrous metals, and pretty much anything you cut, drill, sand bend, glue, and paint. 


Makerhouse Rules

  1. We care about safety, and not much else.

  2. Be nice to others and the equipment.

  3. Have fun!